Pivotal Growth Strategy

IT’S A FACT. Companies with interoperable systems are growing more revenue six times faster than their competitors.

It’s not sexy. It’s not simple. But interoperability is essential for technology to scale and your business to grow. Skyward brings decades of experience guiding internal teams through the process of making systems and data interoperable.

The benefits are undeniable

Connect your systems and you connect your data. Interoperable data reveals what’s working, what isn’t, and what’s possible.

A multitude of use cases, from digital ag to the smart electric grid, have shown that systems which speak the same language create faster workflows, process efficiencies, greater agility, and revenue growth.

Making technologies interoperable is at the heart of what we do

Making technologies interoperable is a process, not a sprint. Skyward leverages your internal resources to:

  • help map your business priorities to technical solutions
  • advise, architect, and execute each stage of integration
  • work closely with stakeholders, following an agile methodology to keep the process on schedule, accommodate changes, and ensure performance outcomes

Connecting agronomy, remote sensing, equipment, telemetry, inventory, sales, market, and financial data is not an easy lift. The more that technologies interact, the more important it is to ensure systems connect seamlessly, with no loss of data or functionality. See our approach to interoperability testing.

Accelerate or Stagnate

The benefits of a connected ecosystem are undeniable. So is the risk of becoming irrelevant to customers who can’t use your product or service without multiple steps to get the information they need.

Give your employees and customers the means to collapse the time and cost to locate, validate, duplicate, exchange, and make data transparent – without the risk of cascading errors and security flaws. Learn more in our case studies.

Let us help guide you through the process

You have a talented team but never enough resources. Why hog all the headaches for yourself? After years in agribusiness, we understand what you’re up against. Companies turn to Skyward to ensure their technology integrations are done right.

Let’s chat. A consultation is free. Mistakes are costly.

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